Nutritional Counselling

Hippocrates said it best "Let Food be Thy Medicine"

We know that providing precisely balanced nutrition is an investment in your pet's good health. Your Veterinarian and Veterinary Health Care team have the training, resources and knowledge of your individual pet's history to make the right nutritional recommendation for your pet's age and life stage.

Did you know on the average a dog or cat may need up to 5 different diets throughout its life time to meet its nutritional requirements as it grows and ages.  Even our pocket pets have very specific nutritional needs based on their age and life stage.

When choosing a pet food always consult your Veterinarian first for a recommendation.  Your Veterinarian will make a recommendation based on your individuals pet's health and life stage.  All pet foods need to meet the minimum AAFCO standards.  AAFCO stands for Association of American Feed Control Officials.  This organization sets the nutritional standards for pet foods sold in the United States. These standards are also recognized in Canada. When purchasing pet foods consumers need to be aware that not all diets are alike or even formulated alike.  Consumers also need to be aware that the labels on pet foods do not always represent the diet correctly.  Not sure about your current pet food? Please feel free to contact us at 254-3150 to have your pet's diet assessed by one of our Nutritional counsellors.  Did you know we also offer Pet food information sessions free?  Interested in joining one of our sessions? Please contact us to sign up.

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